Skilled Nursing Visits

Community Care Nursing Services, Inc. is a private-duty nursing agency dedicated to providing quality care to the public at reasonable costs. Community Care Nursing Services, Inc. (CCNS) is duly licensed as a Residential Service Agency and a Nurse Staffing Agency.

The need for home care can result from chronic or acute illness, exacerbation of disease, genetic disorders, mental retardation, developmental disabilities, birth defects, adult onset conditions, and accidents. Complex treatments once thought only possible in the hospital are now a feasible option in the home due to recent technological advances.

Skilled nursing visits allow for smooth transitions from the hospital to the home or other community settings. Our skilled nursing visits support and assist individuals in their regimen of care. Many of our nurses are certified in wound management services that include the Wound Vac ® Certification and Intravenous Therapy Certification.

Skilled Nursing Visits Include:

· Well Baby Visits
· Wound Care
· Teaching (diabetic, self-care, injections, etc.)
· Supervisory Visits
· Assessments
· IV Therapy
· Blood Draws

Wound Care

The most common wounds result from diabetes, poor circulation, immobilization, and pressure. Others factors that may prevent wounds from healing properly include: infection, anemia, uremia, aging, obesity, and smoking. Insurance companies benefit from fewer duplicated services and better patient outcomes at lower costs. Patients benefit from improved wound management in their personal environment. The goal of Community Care Nursing Services, Inc. is to help decrease the rate of complications from chronic wounds, accelerate wound healing, and preserve and enhance the quality of life for patients.

For more information please contact a Community Care Nursing Services, Inc. Representative at (877-276-6898.